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I am also pleased to report that "Mama's Family" is finally out on DVD and available everywhere.

When we were putting together the bonus features for "The Carol Burnett Show" collection, I mentioned to the guys at Time Life that this would be my dream for Mama's Family. We talked briefly about it and that was that. Little did I know, they went to work on it and about the beginning of 2013 I started hearing that it was actually going to happen. The next few months were spent searching for everyone that I had sadly, lost touch with...batting ideas around, shooting bonus feature interviews, approving photos, and having a ball watching all 130 of our episodes. It has brought back so many wonderful memories and been such a labor of love. Time Life and Star Vista do a beautiful job and their great care and attention to detail is truly overwhelming. My fans are so many and so diverse. I look forward to seeing you all, either on TV or at my one woman show. You are the best and I am so happy that there is finally going to be a loving, beautifully packaged homage to the first, best dysfunctional family on TV. I have been binge watching! 20 minutes of laughter isn't enough. You want to put on another episode and do it some more!
Enjoy. Yippee!


2013 Cast Photo of Mama's Family

Thanks as always to Carol for...everything. Thank you Star Vista and much thanks to Steve Purcell for all the great new photos on the website.


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