The Humane Society

Sophie was female Calico, P.S. a male Calico would be incredibly rare. We rescued her from our local Humane Society many years ago. She was with us for 14 years.

On Sunday, January 21, 2002, Al and I were in Detroit, Michigan where I helped raise close to $ 600,000 for the Michigan Humane Society at their 5th annual telethon. On Saturday we toured their Detroit Shelter. It was, needless to say, difficult. There are lots of unwanted puppies,

(spay and neuter your pets please!),

far too many abuse cases, (what is the matter with people?), and rows and rows of caged, unwanted dogs and cats all looking for homes. 25% of them are pure bread. 99% of them jump up on the cage doors, cry and reach a paw out, looking for love. The Humane Society is a non-profit, privately funded organization that has been working tirelessly for 125 years trying to educate people about responsible ownership, prosecuting the cruelty cases, and placing animals in loving homes.

I was doing OK until the last hour of the telethon when out came a tiny Yorkshire Terrier. Rosie was five years old, all trained, and was dropped off at the shelter because someone couldn't take care of her anymore. Rosie caught a bad cold in the Kennel. Our friend in Detroit, Nichole graciously offered to nurse her back to health and deliver her to us as soon as she was well enough to fly. We just couldn't leave her there. If you are considering a pet, visit your local Humane Society.

It is such a gratifying, worthwhile option, and I swear rescued animals know. An animal's capacity to love and trust, even when they have been hurt or abandoned never ceases to amaze me.

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